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To experience the art of Naad Yoga in all its depth, Naad Yoga Council recommends the Naad Yoga Teacher Training (NYTT) by Raj Academy and Yogi of Sound. Our certified Naad Yoga teachers are all alumni of this comprehensive three-year training program, which provides profound knowledge and deep experiences of Naad Yoga and supports the personal development in becoming a teacher. Unfold the expression of your voice, learn to play Dilruba and discover the teacher within you!

The training focuses on the experience and understanding of the emotional properties of Indian Raags (melodies) and Taals (rhythms) and their application. It includes intensive yogic voice training, learning the beautiful Indian string instrument Dilruba and support for personal growth as a teacher. A graduation from Naad Yoga Teacher Training provides the qualification to teach Naad Yoga and NYTT-trainings and also lays the foundation for an artistic path in Kirtan performance and composition. No previous musical or yogic knowledge is required.

The combination of WebSchool lessons, monthly in-person sessions with the local trainer and the annual intensive week with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh allows for a flexible study that is perfectly adapted to our current way of life without neglecting the basic elements of yogic teaching. Its academic and effective structure makes it possible to easily integrate the training into everyday life and still experience a personal relationship with the teachers and the supportive community of the group.

Personal guidance in the first teaching experiences within the Seva-Sangat-module provides a unique support for the development of the individual teaching skills. Teaching is an important and enriching part of Naad Yoga and leads to a deeper understanding of the power of sound through experience. The mentorship of experienced Naad Yoga teachers and Yogi Professor Surinder Singh in the first 108 hours of teaching offers a special aid to take the steps into practice and embark on the path of mastery.

The training as a Naad Yoga Teacher Trainer comprises three course years, which focus on the nine keys of Naad Yoga: tuning; listening; rhythm; singing; chakras; sense-ability; emotional signatures; moods and composition. After these three years, there is a graduation trip to India, where we visit the special places of Naad with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh and experience a wonderful time together. Afterwards, there is the opportunity to proceed with Level 2 for a further year of learning in order to gain a deeper knowledge on aspects such as diagnosis and therapy, emotional qualities of Raags, composition and Gurmukhi.

Current start dates for Naad Yoga Teacher Trainings
Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh:

starting 30th Sept 2023 online (English) with Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh – more →

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