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Akasha KaurD-73450 NeresheimTeacherWith Naad Yoga you not only get to know yourself and all your inner spaces, but you also learn to express what you find inside without hurting others.more
Harsaran KaurD-88045 FriedrichshafenTeacherWhat is important in life? What is important to you? With the art of Naad Yoga I would like to accompany you on your journey to yourself and look into the gift of your experiences with you.more
Niranjan KaurD-78343 GaienhofenTeacher and TherapistNaad Yoga is the way into our strength and the authentic expression of our beautiful selves. Those who live their full potential can be an inspiration to hundreds of others.more
Prakash KaurD-76133 KarlsruheTeacher and TherapistMy vision is to use Naad Yoga in everyday life. You learn how you can use these techniques to strengthen and transform yourself at any time.more
Shivcharan KaurD-53797 LohmarTeacher and TherapistI love to share the deeply touching experiences I have in Naad Yoga with other people. Especially with children and teenagers!more
Sidak KaurD-54294 TrierTeacherIt makes me happy to be able to pass on the wonderful techniques of Naad Yoga. May everyone who comes into contact with it use this to make their lives stress-free and fulfilling and to make their dreams come true.more
Veer Kaur
D-24937 FlensburgTeacherNaad Yoga enables me to be honest with myself. I want to share this possibility of honest inner communication with others through Naad Yoga.more
Guru Kaur
ES-17411 VidreresTeacherNaad yoga is a beautiful path planted with flowers that inspire us to recognise and develop our own resources so that we can live in the splendor of humanity.more
Mehar Kaur
FRA-60500 ChantillyTeacherSharing is caring and those who care about helping themselves discover Naad Yoga to master the rythm of their mind and turn mindfulness to happiness. Actually.more