Sound Therapy through the power of the voice

Close your eyes, open your heart and let sound take care of you.
Yogi of Sound

A space to breathe deeply and time to listen to your heart – experienced Naad Yoga Therapists can lend you an ear and support the long-time deferred conversation with yourself. Stress is the disease of the 21st century. Performance pressure, increasing reduction to our cognitive abilities, social isolation and a lack of retreats and meaningful exchange are just a few reasons for the development of depression, anxiety, burn-out and numerous psychosomatic symptoms. Yogic Sound Therapy developed by Guru Nanak provides a space for listening to yourself. The personal conversation with experienced Sound Therapists helps you to understand deeper levels and contexts of the problem, so that not only symptoms but also their causes can be treated.

The sound therapy takes place through resonance with the voice of the therapist and the chosen musical moods (Raags) and opens a protected space for emotional processing and healing. Thanks to these special moments in the therapy session, negative patterns can be broken and the natural self-healing powers can start working effectively again!

Naad Yoga Sound Therapy locally and online

Niranjan Kaur (Gaienhofen, Germany):
in the flow with openness to what is important now

Prakash Kaur (Karlsruhe, Gemany):
as your individual time that is strengthening, transforming and inspiring

Shivcharan Kaur (Cologne, Gemany):
for children and families to let go of old structures and to give space for new things