Sound Therapy as a continuing path

Dealing is healing!
Yogi of Sound

In order to explore the therapeutic dimensions of Raag music and its application, Naad Yoga Council recommends the Sound Therapist Training by Raj Academy and Yogi of Sound, which provides practice-based skills for diagnosis and therapy and supports the students’ personal development as therapists. Discover the healing power of your voice, learn to decode your psyche and become a Nanakian Sound Therapist!

The focus of this training is on the precise use of particular Raags (melodies) and Taals (rhythms) to support or change emotional states and moods. In the field of ​​diagnosis, students go through an intensive yogic training in listening. For therapy, they develop the proper use of the voice by discovering personal connections with the moods of the Raags. A graduation from this training provides the qualification to apply Nanakian Sound Therapy independently. It can also be a wonderful addition to other therapeutic practices. No previous musical or therapeutic knowledge is required.

A monthly training weekend with local tutors and an intensive week with Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh allow for a part-time study which nevertheless conveys a very broad knowledge thanks to its special content, structure and materials and facilitates extensive practical experience. Your voice receives special training to become a therapeutic instrument. In addition, music tracks especially made to support the voice for therapy are provided exclusively for the students. The students receive one-on-one support from the respective tutors and Yogi Professor Surinder Singh for their personal development.

Practical experience is an essential part of the course and the first therapy sessions take place during the first training weekends amongst the group. Supervised by the tutors and Yogi Professor Surinder Singh, the first real case studies are conducted during the first year of study. Through the practice of Sound Therapy, students gain real experience with the healing power of sound and enhance their own skills in the therapeutic application of Naad Yoga.

The three years of training are based on the three pillars Suniyeh (listening), Gaviyeh (expression) and Anhad (realm beyond sound). From tuning your ear to pitch and rhythm they lead you through the power of your own voice to meet the healer within you. Extensive information and reflections on the responsibility, the special requirements and the beauty of a therapeutic profession support the development to trustworthy and energetically balanced therapists. The final trip at the end of the third year leads to India, where Yogi Professor Surinder Singh introduces us to inspiring therapists and shows us energetic and healing places.

Current start dates for the Sound Therapist Course
with Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh:

18/19 November 2023 in Gaienhofen at Lake Constance with Niranjan Kaur – more →

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