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Our association carries the joy of Naad Yoga (Yoga of Sound) and the effective Sound Therapy as taught by Guru Nanak into the world.
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Sat Kartar.

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Special Events


Dukh Bhanjan • a night of meditation • 25th of November 2023 in Maresme • Barcelona

This very special night of meditation, in which mantras are chanted all night long, takes you to yourself, to your innermost being. This connection helps you to step out of the maelstrom of stress and worries and finding yourself again.

further information and registration (Spain)→

11.th of November in London, UK
17th of November in Hamilton, Canada
25th of November in Maresme, Spain

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About Us

Our Association

Naad Yoga Council is a non-profit association and a community of yogis, therapists and interested people that shares the gifts of Naad Yoga.

Naad Yoga

Nanakian Naad Yoga is a holistic method for personal development and for achieving health, abundance and happiness through sound.

Sound Therapy

With the balanced melodies and rhythms of ancient India, Nankian Sound Therapy offers a special treatment for emotional, mental and physical suffering.

Yogi of Sound

Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh is an internationally renowned master of Naad Yoga. As our teacher, he is the initiator and an honorary member of the Naad Yoga Council.

Teachers and Therapists

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