Naad Yoga as a personal support

Do you lead your life or is your life leading you?
Yogi of Sound

Meeting new challenges, coping with difficult situations and enjoying life to the fullest extent –Naad Yoga can be a great support in all of this and much more.
Yogic coaching is a personal process support by experienced Naad Yogis who apply the techniques of Naad Yoga in their daily lives themselves to overcome obstacles, work through traumas, combat stress and lead a happy life.

One-on-one coaching enables an intensive personal exchange and the development of a program from the large treasure chest of Naad Yoga that is perfectly tailored to individual needs. Naad Yoga coaching can be enriching in private life, interpersonal relationships and work life and provide new perspectives, trust in your own talents and dreams and a positive and strong mindset!

Naad Yoga Coaching locally and online

Akasha Kaur (Neresheim, Germany):
to accompany the seriously ill and dying people, loved ones and bereavement support

Harsaran Kaur (Friedrichshafen, Germany):
for all people who want to get in touch with themselves

Niranjan Kaur (Gaienhofen, Germany):
for people in special situations, with big dreams as well as musicians and artists

Prakash Kaur (Karlsruhe, Germany):
for people who are looking for and want to live in their true strength

Shivcharan Kaur (Cologne, Germany):
for children, adolescents and their families

Sidak Kaur (Karlsruhe, Germany):
for all people who need individual advice

Veer Kaur (Flensburg, Germany):
for women and teenagers