Our social engagement for convicts

with Akasha Kaur, Harsaran Kaur, Niranjan Kaur, Jiwi Kaur and Nanki Kaur (Germany)

In our prison project, we primarily work with long-term prisoners who have been in prison for many years and who have only few options available to them. Through the techniques of Naad Yoga we want to help the prisoners to relieve emotional and aggressive tensions, to create a better sense of community and to come into a healthier contact with themselves.

Our team of five Naad Yogis visits the prison once in a month in teams of two or three and, in between, keeps in close contact about the progress and further planning of the project. 

In our blog we would like to share our experiences from the prison project and thus encourage similar projects and provide direct support!

Contact for more information and cooperation: info@naadyogacouncil.com