A Sound Journey

with Harsaran Kaur & Niranjan Kaur (Germany)

The desire for a fulfilled life accompanies us. The promise of the masters of Naad Yoga (Yoga of Sound) is the balance between body, mind and soul. The art of internal communication frees us from all suffering and opens the door to happiness. Together we embark on a journey of sound and follow the paths of the masters.

5 workshops of 2 hours each:
1. Hukum: Find the natural discipline in your life.
2. Gaviyai: Give a voice to your feelings and thoughts.
3. Suniyai: Learn to listen and understand the unsaid behind the words.
4. Manai: Recognize your experience as the key to self-confidence.
5. Amul: Act from a pure open heart and find yourself.

Further information: info@naadyogacouncil.com