Naad Yoga workshops for educators and teachers

con Shivcharan Kaur

This series of workshops provides support in creating a harmonious environment for people who look after and guide children.

We all chose our profession because we love children: Their spontaneity, their curiosity and zest for life, their laughter, their self-forgotten play… However, there are still some disillusionments in everyday life. In the course of my many years of professional experience, two complaints emerged: “children can not listen anymore” and “children are agitated and difficult to calm down”. Part one and two of the series are dedicated to solving these problems. My personal observations in daycare centers and schools are addressed in the third workshop.

All three workshops are designed to first benefit the adults by giving them a real experience on the subject. Techniques and ideas for dealing with children will then be provided on top. Personal experience is the key to authentic sharing. Only in this way knowledge can become wisdom and is intuitively understood and accepted by the children.

3 Workshops of 3 hours each: 

  1. Open Ears
    Funny listening games for kids 

My ears are the way inwards, to my true core, to the place where I can be satisfied and relaxed. But how do I get there and how do I take children there with me, who are exposed to a noisy world full of external stimuli?

    1. Quiet Please!
      Relaxation techniques for educators and children

While adults envision a relaxed state lying under a cozy blanket, children cannot necessarily engage in such a scenario. What “tenses” children and how can you “relax” them again?

  1. The Sound Makes the Music
    Talking to children

How am I doing right now? Those who work with children have a simple answer: the way the children are expressing and how they are behaving. In this workshop, the participants learn more about emotions.

Costs € 450, – including VAT plus travel expenses
When booking all three workshops € 1,200 incl. VAT plus travel expenses

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