Naad Yoga is the way into our strength and the authentic expression of our beautiful selves. Those who live their full potential can be an inspiration to hundreds of others.

Niranjan Kaur

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• State examination for teachers in music and English
• Professional clarinettist
• Naad Yogi since 2014
• Naad Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer
• Sound Therapist Tutor
• Happiness Coordinator at Raj Academy
• Contract teacher for North-Indian music at the Mannheim University of Music
• Naad Yoga workshops, courses and concerts
• Sound Therapy

For a long time I had been searching for something more than the daily grind and the ticking of To Do lists, only to be enough and pleasing everywhere. I started my quest with spiritual literature, classic hatha yoga and meditation and eventually got to a place of which I hadn’t even dared to dream (and of which nothing was said in all those books): Naad Yoga, the wonderful path of sound. Since my deeply moving first meeting with my teacher Yogi Professor Surinder Singh he has been guiding me on the path of Naad Yoga step by step into the reality of being. And also back into my everyday life, which today doesn’t seem grey to me anymore at all.
It is this wholeness of Naad Yoga – from blissful meditation in the sacred world of sound to genuine personal development and simple pragmatic stress management – which I would liket to share in my work as a teacher and therapist. Particularly close to my heart is the work with professional musicians, who experience extreme performance pressure which sometimes turns their relationship to music upside down. Here Naad Yoga can help to let sound flow again.

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Niranjan sings Raag Asa

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Naad Yoga Sound Therapy in the flow with openness to what is important now

Naad Yoga Coaching for people in special situations, with big dreams as well as musicians and artists


Sound Therapist – together with Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh, starting on Novemer 18th/19th 2023 in Gaienhofen at Lake Constance and online (German)

Naad Yoga Teacher Training – together with Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh, starting in October 2024 in Gaienhofen at Lake Constance and online (German)

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