What is important in life? What is important to you? With the art of Naad Yoga I would like to accompany you on your journey to yourself and look into the gift of your experiences with you.

Harsaran Kaur – Claudia Lutter-Plassery
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Lake Constance and Southern Germany

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• Nurse
• Registered German naturopath
• Naad Yogi since 2010
• Naad Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer
• Mother of two wonderful children

My education has brought me in contact with many different people and approaches over the years. What is really important in life and what my purpose is are questions that have always accompanied me. A few years ago I fell seriously ill and my whole life collapsed. A big turning point in my life. A great opportunity for a new beginning.
When I met my teacher, Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh, I knew immediately that I had found my teacher. I did the Naad Yoga Teacher Training with him and learned to understand and appreciate my own experiences. The art of communicating with myself, a wonderful science. With all my heart and with all my love, I want to share my wonderful experiences and processes of Naad Yoga with other people and give them this great opportunity to lead a happy and self-determined life for themselves.

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Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh

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