With our community projects we would like to give something back to the world and support people in difficult situations with the techniques of Naad Yoga. We are currently involved in a long-term project in a women’s prison and in our hospital project in various hospitals and hospices. 

We look forward to further cooperation with refugee homes, children’s homes, facilities for the disabled, prisons, homeless accommodation, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, retirement homes and women’s shelters.

Prison project

with Akasha Kaur, Harsaran Kaur, Niranjan Kaur, Jiwi Kaur and Nanki Kaur (Germany)

For our current project in a women’s prison, we visit the prisoners once a month for one and a half hours.

We look forward to initiating and supporting similar projects with the wealth of experience from our ongoing prison project!

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Hospital project

with Harsaran Kaur, Shivcharan Kaur and the whole NYC team (Germany)

For our hospital project, we visit hospitals and hospices to give the patients a special experience in their mostly dreary everyday life and to support them in their healing process with strengthening Raag music as well as inspiring reports and stories. 

We are open and look forward to further collaborations of this kind!

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For further information and collaboration contact: info@naadyogacouncil.com