Practice-oriented mental training for musicians and artists

with Niranjan Kaur (Germany)

SoundFlow is a training for musicians and artists to develop mental strength, serenity and health at work and beyond. Based on the tradition of Naad Yoga, simple and effective techniques are acquired within seven sessions. These techniques help to keep in touch with art and yourself in the middle of everyday life with pressure to perform, stress and competition.

Naad Yoga is a traditional practice from ancient India, in which sounds and rhythms have been psychologically decoded and categorised over thousands of years to enable us to live life in flow. Lieselotte Niranjan Kaur Maurer completed a three-year course in Naad Yoga with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh (Raj Academy) during her studies of clarinet and music education and has since been researching and teaching intensively in various areas of Naad Yoga and traditional Indian Sound Therapy.

Seven sessions of 45 minutes each:

  1. Rhythm and Breath
  2. Pitch and Sense
  3. Rhythm and Stage Fright
  4. Pitch and Authenticity
  5. Rhythm and Everyday-Life
  6. Pitch and Emotional Balance
  7. Sound as Solution

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