With Naad Yoga you not only get to know yourself and all your inner spaces, but you also learn to express what you find inside without hurting others.

Akasha Kaur

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73450 Neresheim

Be the captain of life!

• Judge
• Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (Amrit Nam Sarovar school, France)
• Naad Yogi since 2008
• Naad Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer
• Grandmother of two girls

I found Naad Yoga through my first yoga teacher, Sidak Kaur. I started my training in 2008, but then took a break because I wasn’t able to free myself mentally from my own performance pressure. After visiting several Naad Yoga modules in between, I decided again to do the full training. I started once more, from scratch. And look, once the time was right, I had a completely new view on everything that Yogi of Sound taught me. I am very happy about having found myself back in the Naad Yoga family. Since then, I have experienced processes of inner change, which are very difficult to describe.

My Curses

Individual Counselling

Naad Yoga Coaching to accompany the seriously ill and dying people, loved ones and bereavement support

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