I love to share the deeply touching experiences I have in Naad Yoga with other people. Especially with children and teenagers!

Shivcharan Kaur
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Listen and sing and let your mind be filled with love.
(Guru Nanak)

• Certified music teacher with main instrument piano
• Professional harpsichordist
• Concert activity solo and in diverse baroque music ensembles and cross-over formations as harpsichordist and singer
• Trainer for Children’s Yoga Teachers at 3HO
• Naad Yogi since 2008
• Naad Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer
• Sound Therapist Tutor
• Naad Yoga for children
• Training courses for educators for Naad Yoga for children

In 2008, I had the fortune to visit a workshop by Yogi Professor Surinder Singh. In this course my two great loves, music and yoga, merged into one. In the same year, I started my Naad Yoga Teacher Training with this great master. Naad Yoga touches my heart and my whole being. It helps me to listen to the silence and gain openness, to fine-tune my sensual perceptions and to express my joy and all my other emotions. I love to share the experiences which I have here with others, especially with children and young people.

Meet Shivcharan Kaur

Shivcharan Kaur sings Raag Sorath

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Individual Counselling

Naad Yoga Sound Therapy for children and families to let go of old structures and to give space for new things

Naad Yoga Coaching for children, adolescents and their families

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