Naad yoga is a beautiful path planted with flowers that inspire us to recognise and develop our own resources so that we can live in the splendor of humanity.

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Be of integrity. Be that light, that precision. Be unstoppable. Be Sound.

• Youthworker
• Hindostani classical music student
• Naad Yogi since 2012
• Naad Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer since 2017
• Promoter of the BeSound Naad Yoga project

I experienced anxieties, deceptions and losses. I kept all that unexpressed pain inside me for a long time which consequently led me into a breakdown in which I felt I could not continue. I asked myself: What is my purpose in life? Who am I? Is this the life of a human being? Why am I finding it so difficult to keep going? So many questions and me being locked up inside. Almost nothing was able to reach me. Just singing. And that’s how the sound thawed me from that lethargy. It gave me back my body which seemed so numb. It gave me back my voice to communicate, giving me new strategies to do it in an authentic way. It gave me back the desire, the vision and guided me towards the answers that I needed to reconnect with the meaning of my life.

Guru Kaur sings in Raag Suhee

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Individual Counselling

Naad Yoga Coaching for people in special situations, with big dreams as well as musicians and artists


Naad Yoga Teacher Training – together with Kimaya and Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh, starting on October 15th 2022 in Girona

15th October 2022
19th November 2022
10th December 2022
21st January 2023
18th February 2023
18th March 2023
15th April 2023
20th May 2023
17th June 2023

Sound Therapist – together with Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh

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